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Recent Updates
Reflection Paper on Harmonization of RWE Terminology Available for Public Consultation

30 June 2023 – the ICH announced that the ICH reflection paper is now available for public consultation until 30 September 2023 on the ICH website.

ICH Reflection Papers are intended to articulate ideas for potential future harmonization work, lay out an area where harmonization work is needed, or make proposals for a series of future topics for harmonization.

Upon ICH Assembly endorsement of a Reflection Paper, its objectives are included into the ICH Association Multi-Annual Strategic Plan and the ICH Members work towards the achievement of these objectives accordingly.

Press Release: New collaboration between WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and MedDRA Launched

27 June 2023 – the ICH announced the new collaboration between WHO ICD and MedDRA.

The WHO and the ICH are announcing a new collaboration to enhance registry and sharing of regulatory information on medical products worldwide. The collaboration aims to establish a unified language that streamlines global regulatory decision-making concerning the safety and efficacy of medical products, while offering vital insights into the scope, causes, and consequences of diseases, and mortality worldwide. 

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