Regulatory Intelligence Clinical Quality & Risk Management

Regulatory pressure is increasing and so is the output of new legislation. Some of the new regulations may have a major impact on your operations, while others have only a marginal one, and still others can be “ignored.” Therefore, it is critical that you and your company are made aware of changes that have an impact on your operations, and avoid changes being initiated or implemented when there is no real need for change.


How can Widler & Schiemann assist you with your Regulatory Intelligence challenges?
Through their network Widler & Schiemann are uniquely placed to get an early insight into planned changes that may affect your operations. Even more importantly they are able to put these in the right legal and regulatory context to guide you in making the right process and organisational changes or to confidently refuse changes without incurring risk.

Widler & Schiemann will provide your experts and process owners with proactive alerts of regulatory changes and work with them to determine what the impact of these are on your processes and operations. If changes are warranted Widler & Schiemann are available to help you to determine the necessary changes and implement the right change management measures.

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