Brookwood Academy launches “PV Training for All” Module

EFGCP GCP Discussion Group reviewed the first module

The module Basic PV for ALL is now available (link below):

The level 2 module “General PV” will soon be ready for another review.

The level 3 module currently in planning will focus on the Role of a national PV safety responsible and the additional aspects when this role is required as a local QPPV.

  • Level 1, PV for ALL, providing the information in how to identify and report safety issues to the PV contact.
  • Level 2, which is a general introduction that provides a common understanding of what PV is all about. This is suited for all those central and affiliate functions who interphase with PV or has activities /information of relevance for PV, and then maybe also for newcomers in PV.
  • Level 3, on what it takes to be local QPPV: This provides information on the role of a Local Safety Contact person and the added aspects and responsibilities when this role is required in form of a Local QPPV.

A bit “thank you” to Lisbeth Tofte-Hemmingsen!

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