Design & Implementation of a Quality Management System

The definition of the Quality Strategy, Quality Policy & Quality Manual is the very first step when setting up a QMS in an organisation. However, the work and responsibility of senior management does not end with that task. First, the roll-out of the QMS in an organisation requires a comprehensive and thoughtful change management plan to ensure successful adoption by all concerned staff members.


Following the roll-out, the QMS needs to keep up-to date with the continuous changes in the regulatory and legal requirements as well as changes made to process and organisations in an enterprise. Finding the right balance between “hyperactive” revision cycles and an out of date QMS is essential to ensure long-term buy-in into the Quality Strategy and QMS by all staff members of an organisation.


How can Widler & Schiemann assist you with the design and implementation of your QMS?
Both partners have worked with large and small organisations and helped them develop and deploy a fit for purpose QMS. Their experience has allowed them to detect early obstacles or resistance and to propose the right change management steps. Pairing in-depth knowledge of QMS and subject matter expertise with a pragmatic rather than a dogmatic approach helps determine the right level of documentation and controls. Widler & Schiemann will work not only with your management, but also your experts and process owners to define – or if a QMS already exists, confirm – the elements of your QMS. They will also define a change management strategy that meets the needs of your organisation and takes into account its culture. The expertise of Widler & Schiemann ensures that industry best practices benefit your organisation and your QMS continues to meet regulatory and legal requirements as well as the demands of your own organisation.

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